Some of our favorite days are those that we act as tourists in our own city. Except rather than revisiting our classic spots, we’re challenging ourselves to experience new places (or places we’ve yet to go) at least once a month. This month, Katera spent a day milling about around town in some of her favorite neighborhoods. Keep reading for where she went and what she did! Please note that this is not a paid advertisement, it’s purely a love for these local spots.

Start the day in the North Loop. While Katera frequents this part of town, non-Austinites aren’t always aware of the charming and colorful neighborhood. The morning began with a half mojo at Epoch Coffee with her dog, Molly, in tow. She then stopped in to one of the many vintage stores lining North Loop Blvd, picking up a denim jacket and a few records in the process.

Head south to Shoal Creek. This dog-friendly trail is off leash, so Molly got to roam through the trees and in the creek while Katera sipped on her coffee and enjoyed the beautiful Austin weather. Once Molly was tuckered out, Katera took her home and continued on the explore Austin day.

Explore the East Side. For lunch, Katera met a friend at Haymaker on Manor Road to split some poutine and watch sports. The staff is always so accommodating to put on any requested game! When they finished up there, Katera and her friend went on to check out a few different breweries that they hadn’t been to before. They started at Friends and Allies Brewing, then moved on to Hops and Grain, and ended at Blue Owl. The Saturday sun made the afternoon bright and warm, perfect for a day at Austin breweries.

After the breweries, Katera made her way back home in Hyde Park, to spend her night with her dogs under the festoons in her backyard.