We turned 15 on Sunday, October 15! It’s crazy to think that our business has grown from Cindy knocking out events on her own to leading a team of 25 people. With that in mind, we asked our team to share their 15 Favorite Things about RVE. Check them out:

1. We have a cow in the office, and her name is Maggie Moo.
2. We’ve been known to project movies onto the wall on Fridays.
3. And one Wednesday per month we celebrate Wine Down Wednesday with some creative activities and our favorite wines.
4. Our Operations team surprises us with Random Acts of Fun. Check some of them out!
5. Cindy loves a good costume. She’s been a unicorn and a minion recently. Hm, I wonder what’s next…
6. The Creative team spent some time last week crafting a giant birthday cake. Seriously.
7. We have a literal shrine of trolls in our office. That’s not as weird as it sounds, we swear.
8. We do team outings to make sure we’re always experiencing our great city.
9. YouEarnedIt lets us recognize and appreciate our coworkers for anything and everything—cooking, cost analyses, cheeky charcoals. You name it.
10. One of our conference rooms is made up of all bean bags and pillows. Hello, soft seating!
11. Occasionally nutritious snacks and treats are delivered to our office. Our event partners rock (and always make sure our bellies are full).
12. We have a flexible PTO policy, which helps keep our work-life balance healthy.
13. Our open office area (lovingly called The Pit) means that our work discussions and non-work banter intermingle. We know each other pretty well.
14. We get a full week off around Christmastime to enjoy warm cups of cocoa and holiday cheer.
15. There is a “Wait, this is my job?” realization that is seemingly never-ending, it happens so frequently. We can’t help it—we seriously love our jobs.

The BIGGEST thank you to everyone who has supported us through the years. We cannot wait to celebrate big in our new office soon!