Ah, the holidays—one of our favorite times of year. We asked our team to share some of their favorite holiday memories. Read on to find out a little bit more about some of our RVE’ers!

Jessica Fitting, Program Manager
My family has never been big on baking, but I love creating holiday baking traditions! I usually bake for 2-3 days before Christmas and always bake fresh made cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning. One year I decided to make figgy puddy with hard caramel sauce for Christmas Eve dinner– and forced my family to sing “Please bring me some figgy pudding” when I brought it to the table! I love creating memories around sweet traditions, although no one has requested that particular recipe again.

Sarah Lo, Vice President of Professional Services
One of my favorite holiday memories happened recently just 2 holidays ago where I had the chance to visit and explore Santa Fe, New Mexico for the very first time and never knew of the small-town charm until experiencing it in person. We were only there for a few days, but it was filled with wining and dining at neighborhood bistros, French bakeries, skiing, and just walking around the main parts of town and experiencing it like a local. I had no idea that such a treasure was within arm’s reach from Texas and I cannot wait to go back again.

Jane Tyson, Receptionist
Growing up in Australia, it is Summertime at Christmas. The whole idea of a white Christmas seems mythical if you are from Oz! My mom was a traditionalist and would make a traditional Christmas dinner, duck and all the trimmings. A lot of Australians have turkey at Christmas since we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but my mom didn’t care for turkey so she would make duck every year. Since it is Summer, a lot of less traditional families actually have salads and cold-cuts rather than sweltering over a hot stove. One year we rented a vacation home on the coast for Christmas and instead of the sizzling hot Christmas lunch, my mom capitulated and we had salads and went to the beach. It was a major break from tradition but a great time was had by all, swimming, surfing, sand-castle constructing and the like.

Katera Berent, Associate Program Coordinator + Writer
My family is spread out all over the country, but I always cherish the times we’re able to get together around the holidays. My favorite holiday tradition started when I was young. Every Christmas Eve, my little brother and I would be hanging out in the TV room while my mom—I mean Santa—finished up stuffing the stockings and placing presents. My brother and I would have a Christmas movie marathon until around 9 or 10 pm; at which point my mom would join and we’d end the night with It’s a Wonderful Life. Now, my holiday season isn’t complete without it.

Shelby Olivier, Program Manager
My sister and I shared a room growing up, which I typically wasn’t a fan of, except for when Christmas Eve rolled around. Every year, we would go to Midnight Mass with my family and take in the beautiful service, finishing with a rendition of Joy to the World. Afterwards, my sister and I would snuggle up together in our room and fall asleep dreaming of Santa and sugarplums.

Happy Holidays, everybody!