Ah, the holidays—one of our favorite times of year. We asked our team to share some of their favorite holiday memories. Read on to find out a little bit more about some of our RVE’ers!


My family has never been big on baking, but I love creating holiday baking traditions! I usually bake for 2-3 days before Christmas and always bake fresh made cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning. One year I decided to make figgy puddy with hard caramel sauce for Christmas Eve dinner– and forced my family to sing “Please bring me some figgy pudding” when I brought it to the table! I love creating memories around sweet traditions, although no one has requested that particular recipe again.


One of my favorite holiday memories happened recently just 2 holidays ago where I had the chance to visit and explore Santa Fe, New Mexico for the very first time and never knew of the small-town charm until experiencing it in person. We were only there for a few days, but it was filled with wining and dining at neighborhood bistros, French bakeries, skiing, and just walking around the main parts of town and experiencing it like a local. I had no idea that such a treasure was within arm’s reach from Texas and I cannot wait to go back again.


Growing up in Australia, it is Summertime at Christmas. The whole idea of a white Christmas seems mythical if you are from Oz! My mom was a traditionalist and would make a traditional Christmas dinner, duck and all the trimmings. A lot of Australians have turkey at Christmas since we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but my mom didn’t care for turkey so she would make duck every year. Since it is Summer, a lot of less traditional families actually have salads and cold-cuts rather than sweltering over a hot stove. One year we rented a vacation home on the coast for Christmas and instead of the sizzling hot Christmas lunch, my mom capitulated and we had salads and went to the beach. It was a major break from tradition but a great time was had by all, swimming, surfing, sand-castle constructing and the like.

Happy Holidays, everybody!