We’ve all been there: You finish up a proposal, send it out, head home around 5:30pm, make dinner, and then your phone buzzes. The proposal needs a few changes before it’s finalized. It happens! We tend to stay connected these days, and we aren’t only talking about technology. If you’re lucky, your team is also connected by trust and healthy working relationships—and we consider ourselves lucky.

When you have a deadline that needs to be met by the morning, requiring you to put in a few extra hours after dinnertime, it’s more likely that you’ll take care of it if you can rely on your coworkers. And let’s be real, you’re more likely to rely on your coworkers if you can call them your friends. Gallup, a company we mentioned in our Strength Finders blog, found that having friends at work is one of the strongest predictors of productivity because trust has already been developed. That means that if you have that last-minute deadline or big project coming up, your team will help you out. Hello, efficiency!

Having friends at work boosts in office morale and overall job satisfaction. Plus, friendly offices are more dedicated to honest communication and constructive feedback. The team is always working together and striving to be better as one cohesive unit; we think that’s a very important detail in office culture. Healthy work relationships help equip teams overall for various issues and general setbacks, but they also enhance engagement and collaboration.

Here at Red Velvet Events, we always say we love our job—and we mean it—because we look out for each other and work towards our goals as one team.