It’s the end of the year, which means you’re doing one of two things: Planning your new year’s resolutions, or deciding to not have resolutions at all (which, when you think about it, is a resolution in itself). We’re the type to plan our resolutions—shocking, we know—and whittle them down so that we can’t conveniently forget about them two weeks into the year. Here are our tips and tricks for planning a New Year’s resolution that sticks.

Reflect on the last year.

Think about everything you have accomplished this year. Write it all down. List out why you are proud of those accomplishments, their contributing factors, the length of time it took to accomplish each, and any other details that you associate with them. Is there a theme to these accomplishments? Moreover, is there anything missing?

Analyze and attack.

Take what’s missing from your accomplishments. Maybe it’s something as minimal as not learning a new recipe; maybe it’s as big as not feeling fulfilled in the work you are releasing to the world. Write down what you are missing, why you think you are missing it, and how you can rectify that.

Weave those threads into the new year.

Now, collect all those thoughts, and weave them into action items (or perhaps it’s just one action item) for the new year. Voila! You have your New Year’s Resolutions. If you’re searching for a little more direction, you can take it one step further by listing all the ways you can accomplish each resolution.

We hope this helps you get ready to be your best self in 2018. Check back next week for our resolutions!