Let’s take a minute to face a somewhat difficult fact: there’s a lot of negativity in the world today. We’re done with it. We want it out. That’s why we’re excited to join The Kindness Campaign at KINDNESSPALOOZA, an Official SXSW event geared towards adults to encourage the spread of kindness throughout our communities. On March 17 from 12-6pm at Rio in downtown Austin, you can meet up with likeminded individuals who are dedicated to positive vibes and spreading the art of kindness. At KINDNESSPALOOZA, you can experience kindness in different art forms: coffee making, music, visual art, and more. Discover the crafts of community artists and learn from them at the KIND Market, witness Kim Whiteside creating a live mural called The Canvas of Kindness, have some Irish Coffee with The Mrs at the KIND Café, and let the spirit of your inner child run free on the KIND Playground.

Let go of the negativity. Come see us at KINDNESSPALOOZA, where together, we’ll focus on making deep connections, lifting our fellow community members up, and experiencing and passing on kindness.

Want to be a Kindness insider? Donate to TKC today, and get VIP access to all activations, exclusive access to private lounges to enjoy the full day of live music, and dedicated service from both the bar and cafe. Hope to see you there!