If you were paying attention to our Instagram feed last week, you probably caught our post about the latest addition to the RVE Team: a 2,000lb, 18ft tall jackalope named Jacky. But why a jackalope?

Well, we like pushing the envelope. We like keeping it different. And we definitely like keeping it interesting. So installing a giant jackalope in front of our RVE Forever Home just made sense to us. Jacky serves as the physical and material manifestation of two things that aren’t usually tangible: our culture and our brand.

We think Jacky is settling in nicely to our new office on North Lamar, but he won’t be there alone for much longer. We’re moving soon (yes, really!) and the entire team will be joining him at the RVE Forever Home. Can you believe it?

You can see Jacky now if you drive down North Lamar, but we’d also recommend following along in his adventures on Instagram at @jackythejackalope. We’d also like to extend the BIGGEST thank you to the creative visionaries at Ion Art for custom fabricating Jacky.