We’ve been paying attention. We noticed you like our posts about our team, and our DOGS, quite a bit! So we thought—hey, why don’t we create a series highlighting what some of our RVEers and their furry friends like to do around Austin, and learn more about their close bonds? So that’s exactly what we did. Here is our new blog series: The RVE Dogs in Austin.

Morgan Prejean is an Associate Program Coordinator here at Red Velvet Events. Her dog, Lily, is a 3-year-old Border Collie.

When did you first get Lily?
I got Lily in May 2015. She was only 2 pounds back then!

It’s a sunny Saturday afternoon. Where can we find you and Lily?
You can find us hiking one of Austin’s many trails! Fun fact: Lily hates leashes and cars, so we have to go on walks at leash-free parks that are away from roads.

So what’s Lily’s favorite park?
That would have to be Shoal Creek off North Lamar. It’s near our house, there aren’t cars and it’s off leash. She can run and swim… Oh and there’s a tree she can climb!

Favorite dog-friendly spot?
June’s on South Congress! I can tuck Lily behind the shrubs and they give her her own water bowl. We then walk down to Hotel San Jose for more dog friendly drinks! I usually have to hold Lily tight so she doesn’t jump in the pool. She loves to swim!

What’s Lily’s favorite snack?
Peanut butter, preferably stuffed in a bone.

Favorite store?
Pet Supplies Plus! She loves skimming the open treat buckets for mid-aisle snacks. And the workers give treats for tricks at checkout!

Speaking of tricks, what’s Lily’s showstopper?
When I say, “Lily, say your prayers,” she’ll bow her head on the couch for a few seconds at a time. It gets the best reactions which results in lots of belly rubs and treats.

Thanks, Morgan and Lily for sharing a little bit more about your life here in ATX!