Three years ago, Cindy Lo decided she was going to write a book. Not a tell-all, not a memoir, but an exclusive look into the industry she knows and loves. The industry that has allowed her to grow not only herself, but other people. She wanted to share her trials and tribulations, her failures and successes. She was hoping to inspire and motivate people who were interested in getting into this crazy industry we live and work in.

But then it just didn’t happen.

The book took a backseat to Red Velvet Events and the growing team. It fell to the wayside when the company continued to take on larger and more logistically heavy programs. Cindy had to be with her team and support them every step of the way. The company was growing, but it was still too early for Cindy to be completely hands off of the day-to-day.

Two years passed, and Red Velvet Events began to change and evolve rapidly. The company grew in size exponentially. It began its ascent into a new chapter, and internally, the company felt more creative than ever. And Cindy felt that. She felt the energy in the office, the confidence and excitement in each proposal, and the originality coursing through each employee’s veins.

And that’s when Cindy knew. It was time to write the book.

Her self-published book comes out on December 5. In it, she reveals learning lessons, best practices, and moments of her storied history within the event world. Be sure to grab your copy on Amazon next week.

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Happy reading!