Every member of our team takes the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment when they onboard. This test determines the person’s strengths based on a number of questions about personality, professional life, quirks, and more. The strengths are based within four quadrants: Executing, Influencing, Relationship Building, and Strategic Thinking. Ideally, you want people on your team who, when combined, represent all four quadrants.

We thought it would be interesting to have two of our Associate Program Coordinators who have almost opposite strengths take the same Gallup quiz to see if their strengths made a difference in how they answered the questions. Read on to see how Katera and Morgan answered.

A time when I was at my best was…
Katera: When I moved into my house a few months ago, and I felt organized in both my personal and professional lives.
Morgan: When I graduated from UT! I felt accomplished after years of hard work and was surrounded by my friends and family cheering me on.

The best thing about me is…
K: My ability to think rationally and strategically regardless of the situation. It lets me stay level-headed and ensure the end goal is still attainable.
M: My communication with others and my ability to empathize with them. I feel as if one of my greatest strengths is the ability to understand how others are feeling and know what they may need to hear from me in that specific moment.

What I enjoy doing most is…
K: Playing and listening to music, or going to shows. Getting lost in music helps ease my mind when it’s normally very compartmentalized.
M: Spending time with others. I feel most happy surrounded by people I care about.

My favorite memory is…
K: The first time I ever stepped off the tube in London. The feeling of seeing a completely new place was like fire in my veins.
M: Traveling just about anywhere! I love getting to explore new places.

My most fulfilling job to date was…
K: Designing the look of a venue for a large event in Texas Hill Country that included some interesting logistical challenges with tables. I love creating a warm environment for guests while tackling logistics behind the scenes.
M: Working on a large event where many of my creative ideas and solutions came to life. I love hearing from our clients and vendors that we really helped them have a successful and exciting event. If I can take pressure off a vendor or client and make their job more enjoyable, I feel very fulfilled.

I feel most productive when…
K: I’m able to cross things off my to-do list, ideally in order!
M: I am working through a to-do list and able to cross items off. I really thrive when I can make decisions in the moment and feel responsible for those outcomes.

I feel most accomplished when…
K: An outside perspective recognizes my work.
M: I receive feedback of a job well done.

My favorite Gallup Strength is…
K: Strategic. I like how my mind works in segments and how that allows me to foresee all potential outcomes every step of the way.
M: Empathy. I think this strength helps me build relationships with others which leads to better client events, better work relationships and overall more success in my day to day.

Through these, you can see that Morgan’s answers focus heavily on her relationships, while Katera’s answers focus on processes. That makes sense when you consider just what their strengths are:

Morgan’s top 5 strengths are Empathy, Developer, Woo, Communication, and Positivity. Katera’s top 5 strengths are Strategic, Significance, Restorative, Relator, and Achiever. Despite that, their answers overall fairly similar (plus those two that were the exact same answer!), just with touches of their own strengths—so there isn’t a mold for what strengths the ideal Associate Program Coordinator should have, so long as they’re utilizing them to their best ability.

Has your team taken the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment? How has it impacted your workplace? Let us know in the comments below.