Remember our little troll doll, Pockets? It has had quite a few looks over the years. You may recall our post in 2015 featuring the original Pockets—a ‘90s-era troll doll with bright red hair. Nowadays, Pockets is in the form of a hand-painted Sean John denim jacket. So how’d we get here?

Let’s revisit what exactly Pockets represents. The troll doll-turned-jacket is a form of peer-to-peer recognition within our team. Each Monday in our staff meeting, the previous week’s recipient gifts Pockets to another member of our team who has gone above and beyond in their work. That recipient then adds their own flair to Pockets, and recognizes another employee the following Monday. As we noted in our Attitude of Gratitude post, we like to show each other we appreciate each other.

So, now that we’re refreshed on why we have Pockets, how has it evolved over the last few years? We started with our traditional red-haired troll doll, and once it was filled up with accessories and unique additions, we moved on to a new style of troll doll. This one was all white, with blue and orange hair. Believe it or not, we went through FIVE of these dolls in the last two years! From receiving its own Pockets castle to getting tattoos on the bottom of its feet, these five Pockets were adorned with unique bits commemorating weeks of our employees’ lives.

A few months ago, though, it was starting to feel like we needed something new… And that’s when our Business Development Team came up with Pockets 3.0: the hand-painted Sean John denim jacket. Now, instead of adding an accessory, the recipients of Pockets write a little note memorializing who was chosen and why. They then get to proudly display the jacket over the back of their desk chair—after modeling the jacket in the Monday meeting, of course.

Do you have a Pockets-like recognition system in your office? Share it with us below.