Kacie Kuusisto

Administrative Specialist

After growing up in a tiny Minnesota town (her graduating class had 87 people!) and living in Nashville for seven years, Kacie got to the Live Music Capital of the World as fast as she could. She’s passionate about all things music, thanks to working in the music industry, as well as mastering the violin, trumpet, and guitar. Kacie is also a stellar athlete who played fastpitch in college and a huge animal lover whose friends call her a dog whisperer. An adrenaline junkie, she adores traveling, skydiving, ziplining, parasailing, and roller coasters. However, her life goal is more chill: swimming with manatees (sea cows are adorable!). She’s passionate about paying attention to small details that could get overlooked, so she’s perfectly in tune with Red Velvet Events!


7121 N Lamar Blvd
Austin, Texas, USA 78752