Here at Red Velvet Events, we love any excuse to party. From birthdays and anniversaries to holidays big or small, we do not skimp on celebrations. Of course, Halloween is no exception! This holiday combines some of our favorite things – extravagant decorations, creative costumes, and unique community events…oh, and candy. Lots of candy. We like to take these elements and transform them into new and unique ideas for our office and our clients.

Our team loves to celebrate Halloween, and we are always thinking of new ways we can bring the holiday into our office. This year, our team is taking the typical idea of dressing up and turning it into a freaky fashion show, complete with a runway. After work, we will be partaking in one of our favorite activities, spooky style: Scary-oke!

Of course, what we love most is bringing the celebration back to our clients. Corporate holiday parties are common, but often focus around the December celebrations. Why not do something unexpected and throw a corporate Halloween bash? What better opportunity to take unique themes and decorations and truly kick them up a notch. We love playing on typical Halloween motifs and reimagining them from every angle – from invitations to food, entertainment, and decor.

Remember, planning an event does not have to be scary – unless you want it to be! If you are trying to figure out how to surprise and delight your guests with a future program, we would love to help. We offer everything from hourly consultation to full service creative design and event execution. Send an email to sales [at] to learn about how we can turn your vision into reality.