Every event professional at Red Velvet Events is an invaluable part of a dynamic team. In our “An Event-Ful Conversation” blog series, you’ll get to know these amazing people a little better. Learn how they got into this fast-paced industry, how they manage mega-level multitasking and what special skills they bring to the table to help RVE Outplan. Outplay. Outparty!

Q) Everyone has that “Aha!” moment in their life when they figure out what they really wanted to do as a career. What was the first sign that you were meant for the events and meeting industry?
A) When I took on the role of Director of Educational Services for a software company, I “inherited” the development and execution of the annual user conference. The first conference after I took over was our largest and most successful to date, and the feeling of accomplishment and the fantastic feedback from the attendees made all the long hours of planning worthwhile. Within days of its conclusion, I was challenged by our CEO to make the next year’s conference bigger and better – and take it worldwide. The next year, we produced a much larger main conference and two smaller, but equally successful, satellite conferences in London and San Francisco. I’ve worked in other industries since that experience, but knew then that one day I’d return to the events and meeting industry.

Q) How did you learn about Red Velvet Events?
A) I had been searching for senior operations positions in a handful of smaller companies and startups in Austin, and the posting for this opportunity at Red Velvet Events popped up in my LinkedIn search bot. After reading the job description and learning more about the company, I was very excited about the position…and here I am!

Q) RVE’s love for Austin is well known. What’s your very favorite thing about Austin?
A) The fact that tacos and queso at every meal – breakfast, lunch or dinner – is not only possible, but encouraged. I’ve traveled the world for both business and pleasure, and there have been many times where, after 20+ hours of travel, I’ve driven from directly from the airport to Torchy’s.

Q) Nothing’s perfect – not even our beloved city. If money and time were no object, what’s the one thing you would change about Austin?
A) More and better options for mass transportation. I’ve lived and worked in Washington, DC and New York, and commuting in those cities was so much easier and less stressful because of the Metro and subway. Read a few chapters in your book, walk a few blocks, and boom – you’re at the office!

Q) Everyone says they’re detailed-oriented. But what secret trait about you really demonstrates your commitment to order and details?
A) Spreadsheets for everything! A perfect example: in June, we bought a Big Green Egg grill and smoker, and before we even cooked on it for the first time, I’d developed a spreadsheet to track each cook. Columns include the item cooked (e.g., brisket, pork shoulder, zucchini, steaks, chicken breasts, etc.), the temperature we used, how long it cooked (on each side, as applicable), item preparation, other instructions, and result/notes for next cook. We still use it, almost a year later, to add new items that we cook, and to reference what went well (or didn’t!) almost every time we fire up the Egg to cook.