Every event professional at Red Velvet Events is an invaluable part of a dynamic team. In our “An Event-Ful Conversation” blog series, you’ll get to know these amazing people a little better. Learn how they got into this fast-paced industry, how they manage mega-level multitasking and what special skills they bring to the table to help RVE Outplan. Outplay. Outparty!

Q) Everyone has that aha! moment in their life when they figure out what they really wanted to do as a career. What was the first sign that you were meant for the events and meeting industry? 
A) Growing up, I never knew that other kids didn’t plan parties for their dogs. I have always enjoyed bringing people (or pets) together to enjoy an experience. My life has mirrored that passion from planning high school dances, running an event planning organization at UT and finally finding my event planning home at RVE.
Q) How did you learn about Red Velvet Events?
A) Cindy Lo spoke at my UT organization- Texas Belles. She wowed us with her event experience and how her team had grown rapidly since it’s start. I followed them through my college career and could not wait to apply after graduation.
Q) RVE’s love for Austin is well known. What’s your very favorite thing about Austin?
A) The importance of spending time outdoors is apparent is Austin. No matter where you are, a hiking trail is not far. I have greatly benefitted from this convenience and so has my pup!
Q) Nothing’s perfect – not even our beloved city. If money and time were no object, what’s the one thing you would change about Austin?
A) Parking. Budgeting time to drive around downtown for parking is not always easy, but the entertainment and delicious food downtown Austin offers is always worth it!
Q) Everyone says they’re detail oriented. But what secret trait about you really demonstrates your commitment to order and details? (for example, do you separate cold and non-cold items before you check out at the grocery store, or do you color code your socks?) 
A) When I start my Christmas shopping (which is very extensive- large family!) I create a color coded, multi-column spreadsheet. This helps me keep to my budget and not forget anyone. I take this task very seriously and write down ideas on this spreadsheet all year long. I like to think that level of attention to detail benefits my friends and family