Every event professional at Red Velvet Events is an invaluable part of a dynamic team. In our “An Event-Ful Conversation” blog series, you’ll get to know these amazing people a little better. Learn how they got into this fast-paced industry, how they manage mega-level multitasking and what special skills they bring to the table to help RVE Outplan. Outplay. Outparty!

Q) Everyone has that aha! moment in their life when they figure out what they really wanted to do as a career. What was the first sign that you were meant for the events and meeting industry? 
A) I grew up in a family that threw REALLY good parties. Presentation and décor were just as important as the food. I was taught how to create epic gift bows before I was 7, and I quickly learned that all sorts of linens, including shower curtains, could be used to enhance a table. I didn’t realize that this was rare until I started going to other people’s family parties. It blew my mind. Once I started hosting my own parties, I followed suit and I found it was the little details that could really elevate an event. Coupled with my art and design background, I found myself making custom invitations, creating themes, and making one-of-a-kind decorations for even the smallest of gatherings.

Q) How did you learn about Red Velvet Events? 
A) I was out of town for a wedding when I randomly stumbled across a posting online about a graphic design position. After reading through the entire listing, it asked if I was still interested. All I could think was, how could you NOT be? A design position centered around experiences and events — my favorite things to design for — was something I didn’t even know existed! I instantly tweaked my plans that day and got my application in ASAP!

Q) RVE’s love for Austin is well known. What’s your very favorite thing about Austin? 
A) It’s really hard to pick just one because there are so many things that are amazing about Austin, like the positive energy, the accessibility to nature, the quirky coffee shops, or the sunny year-round weather. However, after doing a lot of traveling throughout the US, there is one thing that stands out above all the rest. I absolutely LOVE how dog-friendly this city is. I have two puppies, Butter and Toast, and they can seriously go everywhere! Austin is full of off-leash dog parks and hiking trails, dog-friendly businesses, pet-focused events, and restaurants with outdoor patios full of smiling pups. After dealing with some not-so-dog-friendly cities this summer, I realized that Austin is extremely special.

Q) Nothing’s perfect – not even our beloved city. If money and time were no object, what’s the one thing you would change about Austin? 
A) I would find a way to maintain some of the iconic food trailer parks. I’ve lived here a little over 5 years, and it seems like condos or hotels bulldoze over every magical little spot. The first park that I can vividly remember being removed was on South Congress, but it has since happened on East 6th street, Rainey St., Barton Springs Rd., South Lakeshore Blvd, Riverside Dr., and more. It is really unfortunate because a lot of businesses cannot survive for long once they are forced to disperse, and we end up losing some of the best, most creative food trucks. If money was no object, I would love to be able to help preserve these outdoor gathering spots to allow those smaller food truck businesses to grow and thrive.

Q) Everyone says they’re detail oriented. But what secret trait about you really demonstrates your commitment to order and details? (for example, do you separate cold and non-cold items before you check out at the grocery store, or do you color code your socks?)
A) I organize everywhere. Almost every drawer has dividers inside them and every closet is compartmentalized with small Rubbermaid stacking tubs. This seems fairly typical to me, but, what usually amazes people is how I organize my makeup collection. Ever since I was little, I have always LOVED makeup. It’s a form of art to me, and I love experimenting. With that being said, it didn’t take long to accumulate a lot of it. I didn’t want to forget about amazing products, so I found a method where I can organize my collection by type of makeup. I have fully organized boxes of eye products, skin products, lip products, and then miscellaneous fun stuff like eyelashes, gemstones, and tools. They are all easily accessible, and it makes it super easy to find what I am looking for so nothing ever gets forgotten about!