Did you know that tomorrow is National Booklover’s Day? In honor of that, we’ve decided to feature a Cindy’s Corner on what it was like when she was writing her book, Behind the Red Velvet Curtain. Enjoy!

The first time I set out to write Behind the Red Velvet Curtain, I had to postpone it. Like everyone else, my schedule was overpacked and I had other higher priorities like keeping the business running afloat (you can learn more about this in the book…ha, you see what I did there?). And to be honest, the first time around writing it I could not reasonably schedule in writing sessions into my calendar. The next time around, I set a date and time that the book HAD to be done and published, and I stuck to it. I treated it very much like an event we are producing. Putting that on my calendar and carving out time to write was the most important part of this, because that way, I could keep myself accountable, especially since the book was indie published.

So why did I decide to write Behind the Red Velvet Curtain? I wanted to share all that I had learned in the event industry as an entrepreneur through the years, and that included both the positives and the negatives. Social media only shows the positive aspects of running a business, but the reality is, negatives exist and it is normal and ok! I thought facing them head on and including those in the writing would be beneficial for others who are interested in entrepreneurship or even pivoting into the events/hospitality industry with no prior work experience. I think it is important that I published my story as a female entrepreneur leaning into a new industry I had no prior knowledge. The chapters of my book outline that journey, showing how ups and downs come with the territory of entrepreneurship.

I have loved hearing feedback thus far from people who the book resonated with—those who were thinking about pivoting in their career, those interested in events, and those dedicated to entrepreneurship. And I have also heard your requests for a tactical guide, or a workbook, to accompany Behind the Red Velvet Curtain for those specifically wanting to run and manage and event agency. Let’s just say… I’ve got something up my sleeve.

Hopefully this shared some insight on my writing process and why I set out to write my book in the first place. Have any further questions for me? Drop a comment below.