If you’ve worked with our team at Red Velvet Events in the past, you already know that our team takes transforming a space for an event or activation very seriously, whether that be a hotel ballroom, tent, bar, or personal home; the possibilities are endless. We’ve worked with spaces of all shapes and sizes. Recently, our team brought the outdoors indoors at a gorgeous luxurious resort, transformed Austin into a Las Vegas poker room for a night, and much more. But one of my favorite spaces that we’ve transformed over the years is also the one we see every day: our office (aka #RVEForeverHome if you’re on Instagram)!

The Red Velvet Events office isn’t just where we work when we’re not onsite at events. It also functions as a real-life portfolio of our creative abilities, giving clients and visitors a real-life peek into what we can make happen. If a picture is worth a thousand words, seeing that picture in real life is worth volumes!

However, getting our building where it is today wasn’t always a smooth process. When I went looking for Red Velvet Events’ new office three years ago, I was on a very specific budget. But I knew I wanted a building that could be renovated into two things:

1) An office that our employees would love and be proud to work in, and
2) A space that demonstrated how we as creative event and design professionals can envision something new and create it from the ground up.

I signed the paperwork for our new location knowing I wasn’t in love with the brick façade but comfortable with simply removing the letters from the previous owner, painting the brick wall, and moving in. That was that. Or so I thought!

Then I left on a business trip to Europe. As I looked at all the train stations we passed through, I had an incredible idea for our new office – even though I knew I probably didn’t have the budget for it.

When I came back to Austin, I shared my idea with our architect about my vision for the space. I asked what it would cost, even though I knew it was most likely out of the question.

But the more I thought about the space’s true purpose and how much it would represent our company to everyone who walked in, walked past, or even drove by, the more I knew I had to find the money. So I did. And every time I look at our building, I know that was the right decision – especially when a first time visitor says, “Wow! This transformation is amazing!”

I learned so much from this experience – and when I look back, it’s very similar to how we work with our clients to understand and bring to life their event/activation goals, purpose, and vision. It’s our job to see if we can make their dreams come true…but we have to understand what those dreams are first.


Back when I first bought our building, I wish I had articulated my dream vision to my architect earlier so we could have figured out what was really possible. Instead, I focused solely on ideas that were already within my budget instead of brainstorming what was possible. But having those conversations earlier would have saved me time as well as money in the long run.

When you work with Red Velvet Events, we want to be realistic about your budget – but we also want you to tell us about your goals for your ideal dream event, even if you think you can’t afford it. That way, we can present all options to you, including your dream-come-true option. We can also see how your dream relates to your event’s purpose and what elements of it (if any) can be scaled down.

If we understand your vision, we’ll see how much of it can be brought to life once we take the entire event into consideration. Then once you see all of your options and their budgets, you can make a truly informed decision about what will have the most impact for your brand and if it’s possible to make an event of that scale a reality.


While I’m thrilled with the final results of our building, I knew at the time that pivoting to a new plan so late in the game would impact a lot of decisions that had already been made. For example, the space became airier with a lot more natural light, so that affected the design and colors of the furnishings that were already selected.

Big design changes affect everything in the event-planning process as well. You want your dream to come true, but you don’t ever want it to become a budget nightmare. If you want to make one small update and are willing to pay for the extra time and materials, that’s fine; but do understand that changes – especially to larger, more overarching parts like an event’s theme or purpose – can cause a domino effect that requires adjustments and changes to every part of the project.


Even with the added costs, I’m so grateful that I envisioned the possibilities in our office space and our architect truly understood what I was envisioning and brought it to life. This is not too far from our team’s ability to see the true potential in every event space and what it can become, not just what it is or what it offers at face value.

Everyone at Red Velvet Events is delighted to work with clients and brands by employing intention and purpose, in which we start with your event’s goals and work backwards to make sure no detail or opportunity is missed. So share your event dreams with us. We’ll do everything we can to make it come true for you!