Recently, I had a fantastic parent-teacher conference that gave me food for thought about how understanding math really isn’t that different from creating a next-level event experience.

According to my child’s teacher I met with, there are four levels of understanding mathematical formulas and concepts:
1) Basic memorization, like learning to recite times tables.
2) Memorization while engaging in a thought process, like realizing that 9 times any single-digit number results in a number where the digits add up to 9 (i.e. 9 x 2 = 18; 9 x 3 = 27; 9 x 4 = 36).
3) Strategic thinking, where a child can actually explain their mathematical work or theorize why there could be multiple answers.
4) Complex reasoning and understanding; this is equivalent to solving algebraic formulas with multiple variables.

I honestly never thought about math in that context and what I found fascinating is that it resonated with my work-life!

You see these four levels also got me thinking about experiential event planning, and how Red Velvet Events operates on many levels; working in a scalable way so we can meet all of our clients’ needs:


Give us your budget and a list of what you want, and we make that happen for you on time and at cost. It’s simple and direct. We’ll discuss your goals, but this level is less about strategic thinking and more about simply bringing your requests to life.


You’ve got your event plan, and you’d love to hear how to make things more impressive as well as more economical. You’re in luck – we’ve got tons of suggestions for you! We’ll ask questions to help us understand your event’s goals, then work strategically and intentionally toward achieving them.


Now we’re talking. This kind of event looks great, but it’s far more than just Instagrammable and filled with coordinated signage. We work with you to define your program’s purpose and work toward that while maximizing your ROI. The sky may not be the limit, but it’s still a highly engaging use of your event-planning dollars.


You’re here to make your brand a long-term success, and we’re with you every step of the way. We’re your event whisperers, ensuring that every detail is handled while connecting back to your core purpose and goals. Your customers will spread the word on social media, and your sales team will relish in the results. Most importantly, you’ll get data that could prove transformative for your brand’s success.

When you work with Red Velvet Events, you work with a team that always strives to understand what drives your event, no matter the size or the budget. We work thoughtfully and diligently to design events that meet all of your company’s needs. For us, it’s about understanding why and how everything adds up, going way beyond memorizing 2+2 = 4.

Let us run some numbers for you and create your formula for an incredible brand experience. Contact us today!