Photo of Mike McKim and Omar from Cuvée Coffee’s Facebook.

We admit it – we were charmed by the @JustaConstructionGuy Instagram account and Omar, its anything-but-typical influencer. In a world where Instagram influencers all too often have the same pretty, perfectly-captured look, we loved the photos of the cheerful man in a hard hat and work gloves grinning over his morning coffee. And we weren’t alone! When the account went viral, it gained hundreds of thousands of followers, much to the surprise of its secret creators: Cuvée Coffee and their PR partner.

When we found out JustaConstructionGuy was a marketing campaign for Cuvée Coffee, though, we were doubly impressed. This might be one of the most perfect stealth advertising campaigns we’ve ever seen, and it’s a fantastic example of creative brainstorming and peer ideation at its best.

First of all, Cuvée Coffee successfully identified the feel and flavor of the average popular influencer account. Think great lighting, recognizable local buildings, fun action shots, and – of course – coffee. Then they deftly bucked the trend in a way that captured everyone’s attention. Instead of a thin young woman with long windswept hair and an on-trend outfit, they featured Omar in his salt-and-pepper beard and safety vest. The emojis and #InfluencerLife hashtags were still there, but they seemed to be coming from an everyday person, not a carefully-curated persona. That’s what really resonated with the public.

As popular as influencers have been over the last few years, they might be starting to reach their saturation point. The JustaConstructionGuy account was appealing enough to get (as of this post) more than half a million followers just by featuring clear, well-lit shots of Omar in a hardhat enjoying his coffee. More and more, people seem to be rejecting influencers with polished, perfect appearances and embracing more authentic content. Because JustaConstructionGuy looked completely authentic, it won the internet, and we applaud Cuvée Coffee and their PR partners for that!

However, authenticity isn’t just for the Instagram world. More and more, people are looking for meetings and experiences that feel fresh and genuine rather than over-produced. If your brand wants to create an experience that people truly connect with, reach out to us to discuss how we can utilize our strategic and intentional creative expertise to help you. We can’t promise over half a million followers on Instagram, but we’ll work with you to identify and work toward your goals. Not only will you provide your team and clients with a phenomenal and unforgettable experience, but you’ll also spend less time stressing out about your program and more time enjoying your coffee.

Let’s get something great brewing today!