It is no secret that branding is crucial to getting a good ROI on a corporate event. You want your guests to remember their amazing experience and associate every touchpoint with your brand. While many companies know the importance of branding, executing it well is not so easy. At worst, branding can be cheesy (bordering on tacky), but when done right, subtle and intentional branding can maximize both your attendees’ experience and your marketing return.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to branding your next event.


It is so easy to slap a logo on a pillow here, project a gobo there, and call it successful branding. While logos are important (and arguably the most recognizable aspect of your brand), think beyond the .png if you really want to impress. What are the colors and shapes that make up your brand? Integrate those design elements into your linens, rentals, florals, and even menu. For greater impact, identify your brand voice. Are you playful? Luxurious? Cutting edge? Think of the emotions your brand evokes and use them to guide each decision to ensure your voice, more than your logo, is front-and-center for your guests.


We believe every event should have a “wow” moment, or some element of surprise and delight. Whether this is through a custom stage install, an engaging musical performance, or an experiential activation, you should leave your guests with a moment that will stick with them way beyond the event. This moment is your best and most critical branding opportunity. Ensure your colors, brand voice, and yes, logo, are highlighted, not only for photo ops but the lasting memories of your attendees.


We have all been there, done that, got the t-shirt. When brands give away stress balls, drawstring bags, or other knick-knacks, they are wasting money on items that will simply be thrown away the moment an attendee leaves. By all means, send your attendees home with a gift, but be intentional with what you choose. Think of what will actually add value to their lives, and ensure the item also aligns with your brand. If those two needs are met, then absolutely customize a gift and think of a creative way to distribute it to your guests.

Want to see these tips in action? Check out our Grand Reveal Party and notice how we used color, motifs, and our playful energy to create a fully integrated brand event.

Are you curious as to how we can help elevate your next event with intentional and purposeful branding? Reach out to meet one of our sales team members, and be sure ask to view some of our actual case studies so you can see how we’ve been helping the Fortune 500 clients for the past decade.