Let’s face it: No matter how large or small your event/activation is, you want it to wow the audience. You want to feature Instagrammable moments, integrate unique branded décor, and offer a fantastic overall experience that will stand out in everyone’s memories for a long time. And that’s exactly what Red Velvet Events is here for! We want to make your event/activation amazing, and we can make that happen.

But while you want your event to impress, have you thought about whether it will impact as well?

It’s true that having a great-looking and highly experiential event/activation can cause positive word of mouth about your brand to spread, especially on social media. But in order to be successful in a business sense, your event/activation also needs to move your brand closer to reaching your organization’s goals.

So how can Red Velvet Events give your event impact as well as the ability to impress?

We work intentionally.
We never, ever suggest something simply because it’s trending or because your competitor is doing it. We work thoughtfully and intentionally, focusing on your brand’s goals and working backward from there to make sure that every part of your event – from marketing to registration to even the signage – aligns with your purpose and will help the experience get your business where you want it to go. It’s all part of our design thinking process as a creative agency.

We question everything.
We love having our clients as our bosses, and we show that love by asking a lot of questions at every stage of the event coordination process. This is to make sure we’re meeting everyone’s wishes as well as their brand’s needs and goals. And don’t be surprised if we suggest something that might have a much bigger impact. We wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we weren’t trying to make events/activations better than ever!

We measure impact.
While positive word-of-mouth is great to have after an event/activation, measurable data can help you determine without a doubt whether your event/activation had an impact. Plus, it can guide you in reshaping your program next time for even more success, such as targeting potential attendees more effectively and creating panels that speak more to your core audience. Concerned about finding the time to delve through all of your post-event/activation data? Never fear – we can assist you in finding and compiling the crucial information you need to succeed.

The great news is that you don’t have to choose between impressing and impacting. Your event can do both! Often, the two traits go hand-in-hand, combining a strong “Wow!” factor with strategies that turn attendees into big believers in your brand. Reach out to Red Velvet Events today to learn more about creating an event/activation that will impact as much as it impresses!