Working in a creative industry is a lot of fun. But while being creative can sound like play, it’s definitely still work. Coming up with new and unique event branding designs while staying on top of corporate event trends (and staying within clients’ budgets) is a challenge we relish every day, but we need to stay ready to rise to those creative challenges.

Not a lot of people realize that creativity is like a muscle, and it needs to be exercised regularly to keep it strong. Sure, great creative ideas can strike randomly; but you need to set the stage for them to keep them coming.

To make sure our creative muscles stay in top form and are ready to go to work, Red Velvet Events (RVE) has designated an entire room in our office as a creative space (and technically we would like to think our entire office allows to be creative but let’s hone in on this specific space). It’s a place where we can step away from our laptops and work with our hands for a little while by creating art. We can paint, draw on chalkboards, make mockups, and more. This process helps us approach our designs and events in new and different ways, inspiring us and letting us imagine and plan even more ideas for our next events.

Mindy Boykin is a big fan of our creative room – it’s where she has gotten some of her greatest ideas. Read on for a peek into how the room helps her think differently and why getting your hands a little dirty can lead to some of your greatest ideas.

The RVE creative space sounds like an amazing place! What’s your favorite way to utilize the room to really get the creative juices flowing? Do you prefer painting, drawing, or using chalk?
Mindy: I am definitely a painter. When I hit a roadblock in my mind or I just can’t think of my next big idea, I am able to go to the creative space, pull out a paintbrush and a canvas, and just paint to clear my head. We also have boxes of inspirational collateral that the creative team and Cindy have collected over the years; and sometimes it’s just fun to pull everything out, lay it all on the table, and look through it. We have a giant dry erase board as well, and a lot of times I’ll brainstorm by creating a word cloud on it.

What’s the best idea or “Aha!” moment you’ve ever had in the space?
Mindy: We recently worked on the grand reopening of a major resort and wanted to pitch quite a few custom pieces to our clients. During a previous site visit at the resort, I took a lot of photos. When I got back to office, I printed them out and spread them all over the creative space work table. This way, I was able to draw over the photos and really get into the design of the resort. Of course, there are ways to do this digitally; but sometimes, you just need to be more hands on!

By working this way, I was able to come up with multiple ideas that really showcased certain aspects of the resort. One idea involved creating giant custom cubes, and inside each cube was a live model camouflaged with body paint and florals. The cubes themselves were designed to mimic several of the lighting fixtures within the resort, and the camouflaged models eluded to our theme of “bringing the outdoors in.” It provided a really fun element of surprise for the guests.

How does having a space like this influence and impact your work?
Mindy: It allows us to step out from behind our monitors and get back to our artistic roots. It’s a place where we can search through different paper stocks, pull out old samples of projects we worked on, and go through our boxes of random inspirational images. We make lots of chalkboard artwork, decals, concept and mockup centerpieces, and all of our internal marketing pieces in the creative space. I feel very fortunate that the creative team has our own little space in which we can get our hands dirty, make a mess, and just create!

Share with us what you do to get your creative juices flowing. We love learning from our fans and followers!