Mother’s Day is right around the corner, so what better time to celebrate our RVE moms and all they do on a daily basis! This week we sat down with two of our RVE moms, Cindy (CYL) and Rachel (RNP) to find out how motherhood affects their lives in and out of the office.

Tell us a little about your kids!
CYL: Sofia (13) and Holland (10) – Sofia is definitely a mini-me both in personality and stubbornness which can be a bit scary as you can imagine. She’s a very talented writer (much better than me thank goodness) and can speak 3 languages fluently. Holland is definitely a homebody yet loves to play fútsol, Minecraft and parkour.
RNP: Ava (6 months) – she’s my little miracle and full of light! She’s in a heavy discovery phase where all things are new and super exciting – including her own feet and giggles. She especially loves the discovery of her puppy Luci who licks her constantly which is followed by those newly discovered loud giggles.

What are your favorite things to do in Austin with your kids?
CYL: We are a pretty typical Austin family – meaning when the weather is really nice head outside, enjoy the city, and definitely catch whatever movie just debuted at Alamo Drafthouse. This is of course when we are not tied up with sports activities or after school activities between the two.
RNP: We love hiking, yoga, and swimming together! We’re lucky that Austin has such a variety of options in each of these activities!

If your child grows up and tells you they want to be an event planner, what advice would you give them?
CYL: For Sofia, she’s going to need to have more patience with people that don’t operate as fast she does. For Holland, he’s going to need a more servant-heart.
RNP: I would support it and offer some guidance that it is an exciting and rewarding profession but requires a tremendous amount of dedication and hard work: physically, mentally, and emotionally. Which can be very rewarding if you allow yourself to grow with the many lessons that will be learned from each experience…because there are some unique experiences in this industry that many never get to explore!

What skills have you learned from being a mom that you have brought into your day-to-day at RVE?
CYL: Don’t assume that what you’ve communicated is what is heard by your team. Take the time to really understand what may be causing frustration or misunderstanding because there are always two sides to a story.
RNP: Patience and balance. The end. 🙂

If/when you feel overwhelmed or stressed with balancing work and family life, what helps you work through it?
CYL: Giving myself permission (ie, no guilt) to not look at my inbox, slack, or text messages. It’s amazing to me that usually I only need, say, 2-hours of “me-time”, doing nothing that requires thinking, making a decision, or problem-solving, to feel reset. I think it’s important to recognize what each individual’s needs are and to not wait too long to reset the tank. I do this frequently enough that I usually don’t feel like I need a whole week to reset. This definitely took me a while to figure out in my career.
RNP: Understanding my true priorities and making decisions based on that.
Being a new mom, I am discovering that the work/family balancing act is one of the more challenging aspects on this journey, but it’s also a part of the whole experience of being a working mother…so I love all of it and welcome those challenging moments. I believe that my work, myself, and Ava all grow from it!

Thank you to all of our RVE moms for the amazing work you do. Happy Mother’s Day!