One of our mantras here at Red Velvet Events is one y’all have heard us say time and time again: Work Hard, Play Hard. We live by it! We know our jobs can be stressful with a few long days, so we have a (pretty awesome) Flexible PTO policy that allows us to take days off at the appropriate times. One of our Senior Program Managers, Jessica, used her PTO to attend a bread baking class in Vermont back in May. Check out what she learned below.

Jessica is known to be the office baker—she is always bringing the team yummy treats—so her few days spent in Vermont at King Arthur Baking was no surprise! She wanted to start crossing off some of her bucket list, and doing a multi-day baking course had always been at the top of her list, so when King Arthur popped up, she knew immediately she was going to make it happen.

For four days, Jessica was in bread making class from noon to 5pm, and every day they tackled a different topic. The first day, the class learned the basics—no fancy ingredients, just bread. The next day, Jessica and her classmates took on sweet doughs, also called enriched doughs, working on the braiding technique. Their third day, they dove into whole grains; including integrating multiple seeds and some whole wheats into the dough. And their last day, they focused on pre-ferments and chemical leaveners, which was worlds more complicated compared to the first day. Their final bread was a French bâtard, which had to be started the day before and left out overnight.

Jessica is a Learner—as discovered through StrengthsFinder—so taking in new knowledge is very fulfilling for her. Actually, three of her top five strengths are education-related, so the four full days of total immersive learning that was so different from her normal day-to-day left her feeling incredibly satisfied. She returned to Austin with some delicious bread and a new sense of relaxation.

As you can tell, it is very important to us to give our employees time to branch out and explore their passions outside of the events industry. A course such as this may seem like it is far removed, but in reality, the processes that Jessica went through each day were incredibly similar to our detail-oriented processes here at RVE, just with a different outcome. We love when our team has these experiences, because it builds into their character and gives them some more perspectives and inspiration to bring into our events.

So what do you think? Are you hungry yet?!