Ever since we moved into our #RVEForeverHome in June, we have been trying to figure out the best way to showcase how this unique space has truly completed our team. Every detail of our office, from our flexible workspaces, to our pop-anthem-blaring restrooms, represents our distinct culture — and we figured what better way to break it in than by doing what we do best: partying! Here is an inside look on our Grand Reveal: “Seeing Red”.

Whenever we begin the planning process for a new program, our first step is to truly understand our client and their specific vision. Luckily, we had an inside scoop on this one. We wanted to figure out how to transform our space into an immersive representation of the Red Velvet Events culture. To do this, we focused on three key ideas: consistent branding to tell the RVE story, unexpected details to create an atmosphere of surprise and delight, and, lastly, an emphasis on celebrating each and every one of our closest partners to say THANK YOU for helping us grow to where we are now.

Seeing Red: Literally

From our very first brainstorming sessions, we knew we wanted to showcase our brand in every decision. We chose to focus everything around the color red, but little did we know just how far we would take it. We made sure each and every detail tied into our theme of seeing red – from naming the station (SugaRED, ManicuRED, and FlavoRED, and more), to sourcing red products for our amenity kits, to completely basing our menu around the color.

Red Velvet is about more than just the color red, though, and we also wanted to represent our growth as a company in a unique way. We turned our largest conference room into a mixed media timeline, highlighting our team’s milestones from opening our doors as a company in 2002 to opening our doors at our #RVEForeverHome.

At Red Velvet Events, Expect the Unexpected

We knew that our guest list was made up of top event professionals who have seen it all, so we had to step even further out of the box than we already do. We challenged ourselves to create experiences that no one had seen before without deviating from our brand. To do this, we focused on elevating and transforming already unique aspects of our workplace. Instead of hiding our desks, we invited guests in to see just where the magic happens, and added an element of surprise by having modern dancers interact with the space. We also decided to showcase one of our favorite RVE office quirks — our restrooms! During the day, our restrooms have upbeat music playing from the speakers, so for our Grand Reveal, we took it one step further by transforming each room into a mini dance party, complete with disco balls and flashing lights. At RVE, there is no such thing as a boring space — we treat every square foot as an opportunity to amaze.

A ShaRED Celebration

Most of all, we did not want this party to be strictly about us. Instead, we wanted to celebrate all of our amazing vendors and partners who have grown with us over the years. We planned each detail with our guests in mind, wanting to give them a night full of conversation and ideation that would inspire them in their own work. We are so grateful to everyone who sponsored our event in one way or another, and would specifically love to give huge props to Ilios Lighting, ATX Event Systems, Contigo Catering, and The Cupcake Bar for going above and beyond in helping our vision become a reality. Be sure to check out their AMAZING work in our photo gallery.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Grand Reveal. We are so glad you made it. To those who could not attend, we hope this gives you some insight into what “Seeing Red” is all about.

Looking for MORE footage from our Grand Reveal? Be sure to check out our YouTube Channel for the recap video and let us know what you love most from the event!