Choose Wisely

Everyone’s been to one of those conferences that turns into a snoozefest. As soon as the speaker steps up to the podium, all eyes glaze over. It may be due to his boring PowerPoint presentation. It may be because of her monotonous voice. Soon, people are pulling out their cell phones as distractions, or taking long restroom breaks.

Considering how much time and effort you’ve put into organizing this conference, you don’t want the general session to pale in comparison to the snack bar. So how can you pick a speaker who will keep your audience’s attention?

Do your research.

Not every company can afford to have John Glenn deliver the opening remarks, but there are a lot of great, fascinating speakers out there who can inspire your attendees while integrating core company messages. Use the Internet to search for speakers, and get references for those who seem to fit the bill. Also, ask your colleagues who often attend conferences if there’s someone they’d recommend.

Engage, engage, engage.

Seek out speakers who don’t just read straight from their handouts. Look for someone who interacts with the audience, whether through question-and-answer sessions, short activities, or even role-playing. People might get bored when they’re being lectured, but they’ll pay attention if they feel like they’re a really part of the session.

If it’s appropriate, be creative.

Why not hire a clean stand-up comedian, a ventriloquist, or a magician? Many professional entertainers work with corporate clients all the time, and are more than happy to weave branding strategies into their performances. And no one will forget a conference where their co-workers were invited to be part of the act!

Make It a Sure Thing

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