Tomorrow and Friday our offices will be closed as we celebrate Thanksgiving with our families, but today we look around our building and are filled with pride and gratitude for the entrepreneurs who made our livelihood possible. From the transportation we use to get to work, to the technology we use on a daily basis, to the small business owners we partner with, none of Red Velvet Events would be possible without entrepreneurs. So today in spirit of National Entrepreneurship Month, we wanted to not only say thanks to entrepreneurs everywhere, but to encourage everyone to approach life with steadfast curiosity and a growth mindset.

Our entire world is made possible by entrepreneurial endeavors, from simple innovations to revolutionary technology, and we owe great thanks to those who dared to question the status quo and create the products we so often take for granted. These entrepreneurs have created products and services that simplify our lives, bring us joy, connect us to others, and pave the way for future inventions. Entrepreneurs create jobs – thousands and thousands of jobs each year that help individuals, families, and macro economies thrive.

So besides giving thanks, how can you foster an entrepreneurial mindset? It is not about dropping everything to start a new business tomorrow or binge-watching every episode of Shark Tank. Simply approach life with curiosity and questioning. Ask WHY things are the way they are, and challenge yourself to think of ways to improve the obstacles you face on a daily basis. Shift your perspective to focus on growth, and communicate and implement your innovative ideas wherever you can.

Tomorrow we will celebrate Thanksgiving, and be grateful for the many ways our nation fosters entrepreneurialism and innovation. Our country is founded on divergent thinking, and the more we can do to encourage and support budding entrepreneurs, the stronger our economy, society, and community will be.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Red Velvet Events. What are you thankful for today?