As Austin’s premier events planning company, Red Velvet Events knows what it takes to succeed in the industry. A big part of our success is about giving our clients what they want, to the letter! And that got us thinking about the ABCs of RVE and professional event management. This is the latest in a series of posts which we hope will spell out success in this business – from A to Z!

V is for Vision.

Every successful corporation has a clear vision. RVE’s vision is to apply high-quality service and steadfast integrity to everything we touch, from elite corporate event planning to pro-bono nonprofit planning to every kind of fabulous event in between. Successful event planners—and their clients—must have a long-term vision and measurable goals for every event they produce. If you don’t have that vision, you can’t make it a reality!

W is for Wow!

Wouldn’t we all be lucky if money were no object for any of us? But while we appreciate our clients who can approve any budget, we appreciate our clients with more limited budgets just as much. We’re experts in showing clients how to stretch every dollar in order to get the biggest bang for their buck. But we always go for at least one truly “Wow!” factor, which could be anything from an ornately carved ice bar to watching a skydiver jump out of a plane and into the middle of a gathering. Which leads us to…

X is for eXtreme.

Don’t shy away from big ideas just because they’re not the latest trend or easy to execute. Take RVE owner Cindy Y. Lo’s Jello idea, for example. Or think about how one year, RVE chartered a private plane to pick people up from Austin, San Francisco and Las Vegas just so they could attend a posh, last-minute New Year’s Eve party. When someone tells us it can’t be done, we go out of our way to prove that it can!

Next month, we finish up the ABCs of RVE. Click here to review your lesson!