As Austin’s premier events planning company, Red Velvet Events knows what it takes to succeed in the industry. A big part of our success is about giving our clients what they want, to the letter! And that got us thinking about the ABCs of RVE and professional event management. Welcome to the first in a series of posts which we hope will spell out success in this business – from A to Z!

A is for Austin.

Planning a successful event in Austin requires that you know the city as Austin has become a go-to destination spot for conferences and events. Not only are several RVE staffers native Austinites or have lived here for decades, we have over a decade experience putting on some spectacular events in the Austin/Central Texas area. To keep from getting stale or repetitive, the successful event planner should continually see Austin through the eyes of a tourist. This helps remind locals how great we have it—from our locally-owned restaurants to our live music venues. (Note: Each weekend, RVE owner Cindy Lo tries to participate in an activity a tourist might take on.)

B is for Budgets.

It’s not easy to land a coveted staff position at RVE. All employees are given a budget test in Excel. Oh yes…it’s like that! To really understand event planning, you have to live, breathe and dream budgets and how they work. Budgeting is critical to the success of an event. So don’t immediately agree with a client who says, “We don’t have a budget.” Everyone has a budget. Say you’re planning a birthday party and you’re listening to what the client wants—a 10-layer cake, a thousand balloons, a performance by the band One Direction. Your educated dollar estimate may not match the client’s. It’s up to you to know what the client’s budget really is so that if they’re thinking fireworks, you can show them how awesome sparklers can be!

C is for Corporations, Clients and Culture.

The international trade show and event planning industry is a billion dollar business. And yet, no two corporations are alike. No two companies will want the same exact conference or event. Knowing your corporate client is key. Why is the corporation hosting an event? Is it launching a new product? Is the company making a big announcement or moving in a new direction? It’s important to know the company culture, as well. Gogo dancers might be the perfect entertainment at an event for a young, high-tech software company while a cigar girl may be more suitable for a corporate law firm meeting.

Next month, we’ll continue the ABC’s of professional event management with D, E and F.