Successful event planning is a delicate balance between logistics and creativity. When working with our clients, it is our job to figure out how to take their wild and sky-high ideas and transform them into something achievable within their specific timeline and budget. Each of our clients receive a designated creative team member to help bring branding, logo design, and creative installs to life. Maintaining the “Creative” in our Creative Events Agency is so important to us. We always challenge our team to create what has not been done before; to think ahead of the trend. What can this event’s wow factor(s) be and how do we scale it to best fit the event? Today, we asked the creative team to join us and describe a particularly notable event they have worked on!


LeeAnn currently maintains the Red Velvet Events (RVE) social media accounts and crafts our online presence. She is the queen of Instagram stories, and does a great job showing off our team’s work. With a degree in photojournalism, she also serves as one of RVE’s in-house photographers, and assists in graphic design.

“One of the most notable creative endeavors I’ve taken on was designing Cindy’s book cover! I never imagined that would be a project I would have to do, but that’s part of the excitement of working at RVE– every day is different.” Learn more about this project here!


“In general, I’m very driven to deliver creative ways to carry a brand, its colors, imagery, typography, and mission throughout an event. A great example of this was actually doing RVE’s Grand Reveal of 7121 this past September. While I’m clearly familiar with the brand, it’s always challenging when it comes to doing something about yourself. There was a lot of deep diving into who we are and who we want to be that needed to be represented throughout the event. Deciding to do red acrylic menus with white print, labeling activations/stations like a coffee truck as “wiRED”, and clever on-brand copywriting for invitations were all fun challenges. While we always deep dive into the brands we work with, having a client who is also is our boss also made this a unique project.” Learn more about this project here!

“Additionally, working constantly within different venues and spaces keeps my inspiration fresh. Many of our clients these days are eager to host their events in well-known event venues, bar districts, and popular restaurants. I always look to revisit these spaces with a fresh eye so I can transform and customize the venue for the individual client. For example, when touring bars on Rainey Street, I’ll see a staircase or a nook and think ‘what can I transform that into for a client?’.”


“Every project I get the opportunity to work on is amazing in its own way, but recently, a coworker and I had the exciting task of coming up with something fun and unique for our booth at the Visit Austin luncheon. Playing off of RVE culture and the name of one of our conference rooms, Red My Fortune Cookie, we created a custom fortune cookie game. I fabricated a giant takeout box that held 400 hand-rolled paper fortune cookies, each with a special RVE fortune inside. Guests used “chopsticks” to fish out a cookie, and let me tell you, it was harder (and a heck of a lot funnier) than you would expect! If you were extra fortunate, your cookie revealed a prize, from a scratch-off lottery ticket to a gift card at one of Austin’s “lucky” restaurants. The game was a huge success, a blast to make, and a totally different way to engage with guests at the luncheon.”


“One of my personal favorite projects that I’ve gotten to work on is the ideation and production of a photo-worthy wall we built out of aluminum beer cans from a local brewery. Our goal was to create a unique photo op for guests to stand in front of that showcased Austin in an unexpected way. Creating the design and figuring out how to do it with 4 color cans was a unique challenge. I had previously seen a “wall” built out of cans where the message was simply painted on the cans once they were assembled, but in order to make ours unique, I decided that we would use the colors of the actual cans to create our message. The final product looked great and I loved the challenge of upcycling a product into a cornerstone event element.”

Want to talk more about how our creative team can bring your vision to life? Send us an email to sales [at] and we would love to put you in touch with one of our creative minds!