We’ve been paying attention. We noticed you like our posts about our team, and our DOGS, quite a bit! So we thought—hey, why don’t we create a series highlighting what some of our RVEers and their furry friends like to do around Austin, and learn more about their close bonds? So that’s exactly what we did. Here is our new blog series: The RVE Dogs in Austin.

Liz Liebeskind is a Sales Manager here at Red Velvet Events. Her dog, Olive, is a sweet mutt with some Red Heeler in her.

When did you first get Olive?
We got her in April of 2016 from our local shelter, Austin Pets Alive.

It’s a sunny Saturday afternoon. Where can we find you and Olive?
You will probably find her sunbathing while her humans garden in the backyard. Either that or chewing on a stick.

Where are some of Olive’s favorite places?
She LOVES Red Bud Isle. She gets to meet so many new friends. She swims and runs off leash—it’s pretty much dog heaven, and the humans get to sit in a beautiful spot. It’s a win/win for everyone. She also loves her walks and runs with Papa Joel (aka my husband) on the Town Lake trail.

Does Olive have a favorite snack?
No kidding, white cheese sticks. We only give her a piece here or there, so she doesn’t eat the whole stick at once. She also loves peanut butter.

Can Olive do any crazy tricks?
She knows how to sit on her hind legs and boop your hand for a treat! It’s the cutest. I taught her that one.

What are some of Olive’s favorite things or games to play?
She thoroughly enjoys squeaky toys. Sometimes, it’s a bit too much because it’s sooo loud so, the alternative is a good game of chase (also with Papa Joel). The other alternative is chasing squirrels. She got one once, and well, that’s another story.

What makes Olive, Olive?
Her ears and her tail are everything. Whenever she sees someone new, she wags her tail in a propeller fashion with her ears shooting straight back, and then she rolls on her back. UGH! THE CUTEST!

Thanks, Liz and Olive for sharing some of your life in Austin!