We are wrapping up the year with one final RVE Dogs in Austin blog! We know you love getting to know our team (and our dogs), so we are excited to be wrapping up this series with Program Manager Amanda Batts and her Mini Poodle and Terrier Mix, Reese.

How did Reese get her name?
Reese is named after two of my favorite things: Reese Witherspoon and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups 🙂

It’s a sunny Saturday afternoon. Where can we find you and Reese?
Reese’s favorite thing to do is go on walks and explore, so when the weather is nice you can find us walking around the lake or at the park.

Do you have any favorite memories with Reese?
I think one of my favorite memories of Reese is probably the day I brought her home. When I met her a few weeks prior she was very shy, and the rescue had prepared me that it would take her a while to warm up to me, but when I came to take her home she was like a different dog: she jumped in the car, settled on my lap, and has made that her favorite spot ever since.

Does Reese have any weird habits or quirks?
Reese is the only dog in the history of the world to hate the squeaker in her toys. She loves to play with her toys, but as soon as they squeak she runs away. Tennis Balls are her favorite because they don’t make noise.

What makes Reese so special?
Before I brought Reese home, she lived on the streets for the first two years of her life. She had a rough start to her little life, but despite that she is such a sweet and loving dog. It has been so fun to watch Reese’s personality shine since I brought her home in April. She is playful and loves to be my sidekick wherever we go. She LOVES to play with other dogs (and attempts to do just that with every dog we meet) and has such a curious, fun personality. I feel so lucky that she is mine!

Thanks to Amanda and Reese for sharing some of your life in Austin!

Do you have any favorite dog-friendly spots in Austin? We would love to hear about them!