Succeeding as an event planner is no easy task, and there really is not any formal training that can prepare you for the job. Sure, there are a few certifications and degree programs that can help, but so much of the job requires soft skills that can be hard to find and develop. While there is no formula for what makes a “perfect” event planner, here are a few traits we have noticed that make for success (and are definitely what we look for when it comes to hiring a new team member).


Planning an event takes an insane amount of collaboration, and between the planner, the client, the venue, and the potentially dozens of other vendors, there are bound to be miscommunications, unmet expectations, or unforeseen road blocks that impact the planning process at every stage. A good planner does not sweat under pressure and is able to pivot when things do not go as planned.


We are hired to alleviate stress for our client. If we are not responding quickly, making our clients our priority, or reflecting genuine excitement for a program, our client will question why they even hired us. A successful planner takes initiative to do things before they are asked, and is quick to respond to a client’s requests.


It can be so easy to get caught up in the minute details of an event, but a good planner does not forget to keep the big picture in mind. The best planners never lose sight of a program’s goals, from the overall design aesthetic, to the emotions associated with the attendee experience, to even the specific metrics that will measure the client’s ROI.


So much of our day-to-day is spent in Outlook, Dropbox, Google Suite, and various planning software. While you do not have to be an expert coder to be in the event planning industry, a successful event planner is comfortable in the digital world.


Good event planners communicate everything in an organized and efficient manner. We know what information is important to who, and we know if it needs to be said over a phone call, an email, or even just a quick text.

These are five of our top traits for a successful event planner – what else do you think it takes to succeed?