Last week we posted a #WayBackWednesday linking to a 2013 post of ours titled Is a Video Worth a Million Words? In it, we discussed the positives of capturing an event through video. Even in 2013, we knew that videography was an important add-on!

But what’s different from then to now? The main difference is that videography is more affordable than ever before—and the quality is the best it’s ever been. The growth of different streaming services has also affected videography. Event videos can be uploaded to multiple platforms, including being rendered into a virtual reality experience. Furthermore, some companies are able to offer drones to capture aerial footage of an event. Including even a few slices of this type of coverage into a post-event video increases the wow factor ten-fold!

Other than those key differences, our recommendations haven’t changed too much from 2013. We still recommend partnering with a professional videographer (we’ll help you out!), listing out program goals, preparing a shot list and a storyline, and ALWAYS including a video release when video is present. Those are the musts!

You didn’t think we’d talk about video and not show you one of our best examples, did you?! Check out one of our favorite event videos here.

If you just can’t get enough, click here to watch another video, one that we just released today!