Last weekend marked the start of the East Austin Studio Tour (EAST), an annual event that will continue through this Sunday, November 18, 2018. The tour is sponsored by Big Medium, a non-profit organization dedicated to championing and cultivating artists and the contemporary arts in Austin and across Texas. The tour is a free, self-guided event open to the public, where artists open up their creative studios for attendees to tour and mingle. We encourage our team members to experience the city like a visitor since it is our job to be Austin experts for our clients. Last weekend, Sales Manager Liz attended the event, so we thought we would ask her about her experience!

Liz, this was your third year attending. What is your advice on how to get the most out of the tour?
I always start my day at a hub (a centralized location where multiple artists are located), because they have the easiest parking and often get really busy later on in the day. There are SO many places to see, so I make sure to do lots of research beforehand and have a solid game plan of where I am going next.

Did you have a favorite exhibit this year?
My favorite exhibit was #488 Whitney Turetzky. Her use of mixed media (specifically the use of neon and embroidery) really blew me away and stopped me dead in my tracks. She enhances vintage photos and truly commands your attention of powerful female figures in such a way that makes them feel new, shiny and more relevant to the present day than ever before.

Why did you choose to attend EAST?
You would be surprised by the number of artists living in Austin, and EAST is a really great way to explore them all in a weekend. I feel that it is important to support the arts and the artists of the community — not only from a financial perspective, but also from a community perspective, and to let them know, “Hey, I am in the community with you and thank you for continuing to make it beautiful and for sharing your work.” As an artist of any kind, there can be a lingering feeling of self-doubt or seclusion of some sort. Sharing art is not easy for some, so I take any chance that I can to chat with an artist and encourage them through their journey. EAST makes it exceptionally easy for me to do that right in my own city.

We hope this inspired you to attend the tour this weekend! Have you attended EAST in the past? Let us know what your must-visit stops are!