With the new year just around the corner, you may be inspired to make a change in your career and are wondering if the events industry could be for you. While some of us here at Red Velvet Events (RVE) grew up in the industry, or studied with the intention of becoming a planner, there are those of us who somewhat stumbled into the industry without much experience (*cough* like our own owner Cindy). Now that we are here, however, it is easy to see the inaccurate representation and perception of professional event planning, and we are often left answering the question “So what exactly does an event planner do?” over and over. While often good-natured, this question can become degrading as we feel we have to justify our skills, talents, and benefits to strangers and colleagues alike. So whether you are considering a pivot into the industry or are just curious as to what goes on behind the scenes, let’s dive deeper into what it really means to be a professional event planner.


Every planning process and ultimate execution is customized 100% to our clients. There is no cut-and-paste formula that can be applied, so each new client is basically starting with a clean planning slate. At RVE, we focus on corporate events, meaning our clients are often in-house marketing professionals or third-party coordinators. We plan their conferences, incentive trips, receptions, community events, and more. Why do they hire us? Because they know we have the experience, expertise, and resources to wow their attendees, identify and solve potential problems, and help them maximize their ROI.


It may be a cliche, but honestly every day is different. Some days we are hardly in the office, between site visits, on-site preparation, vendor meetings, and various errands. Other days, we are heads-down in Outlook and Excel, coordinating dozens of moving pieces between vendors, venues, and clients. Our job truly is a delicate balance between our right and left brains. We lead with creativity, understanding our client’s needs and wants and finding ways to execute their ideas in ways that have not been done before. We will spend hours brainstorming ways to transform, say, a banking conference into something exciting, innovative, and inspiring. However, none of our dream-big ideas would be possible without our logistics-mind following right behind. We have to think about every detail, from the venue floor plan, load-in accessibility, government permits, transportation requirements, budget constraints, staffing needs, and a to-the-minute run of show. It is through the combination of these two mindsets that we are able to create a seamless event that maximizes guest experience.


We are hustlers, hard workers, problem solvers, constant learners, and relentless executors. We dream big ideas and do not stop until they are seen through. We work hard, but we play harder. We know what it takes to get shit done, and have a great time doing it. Sound like you? Make 2019 your year to pivot into this ever-growing, ever-changing, ever-exciting industry.

If you’re curious in hearing more about how to pivot into an event planning career, be sure to check out Cindy’s book, Behind the Red Velvet Curtain here!