In the last couple weeks, we’ve been sending out a quiz that our Business Development team custom created for folks to find out what kind of Austinite they are. In it, you answer a series of questions that piece together a typical day for you in our beautiful city. Afterwards, you discover your Austin persona, and we give you an itinerary for your perfect day.

But what kind of quizmasters would we be if we didn’t test it out ourselves? Our team took the quiz and we figured out the Austinite breakdown of Red Velvet Events. Check it out for yourself below:


Kaitlyn, LeeAnn, Rachel, Luis, and Max are the RVE Fitness Fanatics. A perfect day for them involves juice and an outdoor jog.


Jason and Robyn are our two Rowdy UT Students. These two appreciate the finer things in life, i.e. a couple Mexican Martinis at Trudy’s.

Yuppie 2.0

Our most common Austinite of RVE, Tanzi, Victoria, Virginia, Christa, Sarah, Liz, Amanda, Lauran, AND Cindy all fell into the Yuppie 2.0 category! On any given day, these 9 RVEers can be found sipping on upscale coffees in Clarksville.


Perhaps what Austin is known for at this point, our RVE hipsters are so 2018. Loraine and Morgan, pictured above, as well as Chris and Katera are keen on secret bars and food trucks.


Mindy, Kristen, and Kristina are our free-spirited Austin hippies. Looking for these three? Find them in Old South Austin celebrating the history of 512.

Cowboy & Cowgirl

Jessica, pictured above, and Jane are our two cowgirls, loving all that is country here in Texas. These Austinites truly appreciate their worn leather and honky tonks.

So now that you know what kind of Austinites we are… What kind are you?! Click here to take the quiz, and be sure to let us know what you get.